A figleaf Text Coverage Report

figleaf is an indispensable tool for calculating code coverage. I use it to ensure my unit tests are testing a significant portion my code. It includes several reports, but is missing the one I want most - a simple text report. I wrote figleaf2txt to generate a text report similar to the one generated by Ned Batchelder's coverage.py. Running figleaf2txt on coverage data will print a simple report to the terminal. Additionally I wrote a nose plugin to run the report immediately after a test run. Again just like coverage.py. You simply run nose --with-figleafreport to see the report on your terminal. All work has been done in a Bazaar branch that started with figleaf version 0.6.1. Your can see my progress and participate in development by creating your own branch from mine. My code works, but could stand a little clean up. There are lots of other small things I would like to fix up when I get the spare time, but for now my changes work good enough for me. Maybe these changes will eventually make it into the official distribution.
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