Cleveland Bidding For PyCon 2010

Back when PyCon was taking bids for 2008-2009 I tried to get Cleveland a bid. I was only able to call/visit a half dozen places or so. It was only me at the time so I eventually gave up as I saw how much the other bidders were able to accomplish in the same time. All I have to show for it is a bunch of hotel brochures. I think this attempt can be different. I am going to get this thing rolling again, but I really do need some help! If you are interested in helping please let me know. We need a strong team of at least 5 people to pull this off. I have created a bid page over at the Python wiki. If your interested in helping out email me at [dstanek AT dstanek DOT com] and add your name to the staff section of the wiki page. Also please read about the bid requirements. If you are not able to participate in creating a bid there are other ways to help out. Do you know of a good location? Do you know of any cool extracurricular activities? Let us know and we'll follow up on the leads. Lets bring PyCon home in 2010!
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